Privacy Policy

The CCRTGE has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following sections disclose the information gathering and dissemination practices that are operating on our website.

Collecting Information about use of this website

When you visit this website, we may make a record of your visit and log some or all of the following information for statistical or maintenance purposes.

  • The date and time of your visit.
  • The address of the pages accessed and the documents downloaded.

No attempt, however, will be made to identify individual users or their browsing activities.

Your Personal Information

Personal information is held confidentially by GESA and will not be disclosed at an individual level without your direct permission. Contact details are used only for the purposes of communication with you on matters directly relating to the purpose for which you provided those contact details. Please note that this may include communication to you from us with information regarding updates on improving the quality of clinical practice.

Patient Identification Information

Collecting information about patients has important privacy implications. In collecting and using any patient information it is your responsibility to ensure that all privacy obligations are met and that any necessary consent is obtained. Only anonymous information should be stored in the CCRTGE system. If any patient identification information is included in the data you provide to us please ensure that you address this issue with your patient and that their consent has been obtained. You may also need to check that the privacy requirements of your practice or institution do not conflict with or limit this requirement.

Note: While all patient information you upload to the CCRTGE system should be anonymous GESA seeks to manage all information provided consistent with the accepted standard for storage of medical records in Australia.