What is DOPS?

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) is used to assess the trainee’s technical, operative and professional skills in a range of basic diagnostic and interventional procedures, or parts of procedures, during routine surgical practice in order to facilitate developmental feedback.

The DOPS form can be used routinely every time the trainer supervises a trainee carrying out one of the specified procedures with the aim of making the assessment part of routine surgical training practice.

To meet the requirements as specified by CCRTGE you must upload at least one signed DOPS form that has all criteria noted as “Independent”.


How many DOPS forms must I upload for each logbook?

You can upload as many DOPS forms as you wish but to fulfill the DOPS criterion you must upload at least one signed form that has all criteria noted as “Independent” that is dated within twelve months of your logbook submission.

Once this is confirmed by GESA Admin the DOPS criterion on your logbook will be ticked as “completed” and you will then be able to submit your logbook for assessment (as long as all other logbook criteria have been met).


Can the forms be completed electronically?

Yes. There is no way to submit a “paper” DOPS. Your supervisor can print and write on the form then scan it to a PDF or it can be completed using Adobe Acrobat (recommended). Completed forms must be uploaded to your logbook as a PDF (meaning that you may have to scan the pages).


How many procedures does my supervisor need to assess to be able to complete a DOPS form?

A minimum of one procedure.


Is the use of DOPS forms mandatory?

For all Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy logbooks submitted after 31 January 2022 on the Advanced Australian Trainee (AAT) pathway.


I started my logbook prior to the introduction of the DOPS forms – do I need to upload a completed DOPS form to submit my logbook?

If your logbook is submitted after 31 January 2022 you will need to submit a DOPS form.


Why is the DOPS form requirement being introduced?

The DOPS process is commonly used to enable structured feedback to trainees in many surgical environments and achieve better training outcomes. Submission of a completed DOPS form (signed off as being “Independent” for all criteria) is required to ensure that your training can be recognised by CCRTGE.


What is the deadline for submission of a DOPS form?

Your DOPS form must be dated within twelve months of your logbook submission date. If you upload a DOPS form (that is noted as fully “Independent” for all criteria), your logbook must be submitted within twelve months.

If your DOPS expires you will be required to provide a contemporary DOPS.


When should I ask my supervisor to complete a DOPS form?

You can ask your supervisor to complete DOPS forms throughout your training as it will be a valuable tool to assist in gaining specific feedback. However you will need to complete a DOPS form that is noted as “independent” for all criteria and that is dated within 12 months of your logbook submission date.


What pathways or logbooks require DOPS forms?

The DOPS requirement is for Advanced Australian Trainees completing Gastroscopy (adult) and Colonoscopy (adult) logbooks but it is anticipated that the requirement will be expanded to other pathways and procedure types in the future.


Who can be my supervisor to complete my DOPS form?

Your DOPS can be supervised by a practitioner that has CCRTGE recognition for the procedure being reviewed. They must be one of your supervisors before you can upload the completed DOPS form.


When can I upload my completed DOPS forms?

The DOPS upload facility is still undergoing development and testing. It is anticipated the upload facility will be available for use in December 2021. An email will be sent to all participants in the CCRTGE program (trainees and supervisors) when the facility is available.


I have further questions regarding DOPS or logbook submission requirements - who do I contact?

Please send an email to with your questions and contact details.