Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)

The Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) is an evidence-based assessment used to guide the trainee’s learning and competency.

For all Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy logbooks submitted on the Advanced Australian Trainee (AAT) pathway from 1 February 2022 it will be a mandatory requirement that each logbook is supported by at least one DOPS form that has all criteria and overall assessment as being “Independent”.

DOPS forms are PDF documents that can be completed using the Adobe Acrobat app or by printing the document then scanning.

Colonoscopy DOPS form
Gastroscopy DOPS form

Process for use of DOPS

  1. Nominate a CCRTGE-recognised practitioner as your supervisor in your CCRTGE logbook.
  2. Arrange with your nominated supervisor to complete the DOPS form during one of your procedures:
    1. at or near the end of your training and
    2. within six to twelve months of submission of your logbook for assessment.
  3. Your supervisor observes the nominated procedure, completes the DOPS form and provides immediate feedback.
  4. Supervisor signs the DOPS form and makes note of their assessment (bottom of second page).
  5. The Supervisor may refer to previous procedures if criteria on the DOPS form were not observed in this observed procedure.
  6. If there are any criteria or overall assessment on the DOPS are noted as “Not Yet Independent”:
    1. seek feedback to review your performance with your supervisor then
    2. schedule another procedure with your current or another supervisor to recommence the DOPS process.
  7. If the completed DOPS form is noted as being:
    1. “Independent” for all criteria;
    2. overall assessment is “Independent” and
    3. signed off by your supervisor then
    4. upload the completed DOPS form to your CCRTGE logbook.
  8. Ensure that the form is fully completed prior to uploading the form using the upload facility in your CCRTGE logbook.
  9. The DOPS form will be verified by CCRTGE Administration and a copy will be emailed to you and your supervisor as confirmation of completion.
  10. Incomplete, unsigned or out-of-date forms or forms submitted with any criteria or section noted as “Not Yet Independent” will not satisfy the “Completed DOPS Form” criterion for your CCRTGE logbook. This will prevent your logbook from being able to be submitted for assessment.

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