Information for Supervisors

Role of Supervisors

Supervisors play a vital role in the work of the training recognition program and we very much appreciate you taking on the responsibilities of being a supervisor.

As the online logbook system allows no more than 50 unacknowledged procedures at any time it is quite important that you review the logbook as promptly as possible and either accept or reject the logged procedures when the applicant presents their logbook.

To be eligible as a supervisor you must:

  1. have had EITHER your training in the relevant procedure recognised by the CCRTGE OR have been approved by the Committee to be a supervisor after providing the relevant information (see FAQs for the documentation required);
  2. personally supervise at least part of the applicant's training;
  3. acknowledge the procedures logged in the logbook of the trainee as promptly as possible;
  4. assess competence after the trainee has independently completed the minimum number of procedures required (it is expected that most trainees will require more than the stated minimum number of procedures) and
  5. attest that the candidate is:
    1. competent to perform the specific procedure and/or specific therapy safely and expeditiously;
    2. able to competently integrate indications for endoscopy and endoscopic findings and therapy into patient management;
    3. able to understand risk factors, recognise and manage complications and
    4. able to recognise personal and procedural limits.


Supervisor FAQs